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Arturos Sport Fish Report

by Arturos Sportfishing Staff
(239) 793-6195

This week we had a good weather conditions, some day only with breeze on the noon time or night.

Sunrise: 5:52 AM
Sunset: 6:54 PM
Barometer: 29.91" Hg
Feels like: 67??
Humidity: 59%
Wind: CLM 0 mph

San Bruno reef 18 to 20 miles north of Loreto.
Here we have had ups and downs of fishing on fish catches, some day you can capture 2 or 20 on the best day.
The last Thursday is when recorded the best catches here.
The yellows were eating at the surface for long periods and some boats caught up to more than 20 pieces of these weight from 20 to 30 pounds.

Punta Mangle 20 to 22 miles north by the coastline.
On this site there is a lot of fun for small yellowtail and some time capture a big ones to, and also some snappers and Cabrillas.
Here you can fish with artificial lures colored scrambled eggs. Yellow / Green or Chrome or live bait with 2 oz. slider sinker and hook number 4 or 5.
On this area the Yellowtail is eating at the water surface.

La Choya small island near of Carmen Island. East of Loreto to Punta Lobos Carmen Island.
In this large area we had a similar situation to the San Bruno reef Yellowtail is eating at the water surface or make boiled on the surface of the water.
The best day fishing is the last Wednesday; most boats captured more than 6 to 12 pieces of yellowtail.

We show a picture from Miguel Bustos with a couple yellowtail, who capture with Antonio Aguiar as fishing guide Big eye bait, out side of Loreto early in the morning.

Or you can buy on the bait boat, 10 pieces for 15 usd, 15 for 20 and 20 for 25.

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